The Club’s key objective is to make a positive difference to all members of our community by ensuring they remain connected to one another, we achieve this both using the internal resources at our disposal and by working with outside, specialist partners. 
As part of our outreach to partners, Maidenhead United FC and our Community Trust have partnered with CALM for the 2023/24 season and they will be our front-of-shirt sponsor this year. 
This sponsorship has been made possible by the generosity and financial support of our key partners who all believe, as we do, that starting a conversation on this issue of suicide is so important. 
This partnership is the result of a creative commercial deal between the club and eleven local businesses who have come together to fund CALM’s front-of-shirt sponsorship in a first for the Vanarama National League. 
In addition to the logo appearing on all of the shirts, the club and its 11 CALM partners will work closely with CALM throughout the season to activate campaigns in support of their work in taking a stand against suicide. 
We thank you all for your kindness and support. 
Working with CALM will be running on-going campaigns and activity to support the prevention of suicide, particularly amongst men, in our community and beyond. 
CALM in their own words 
We stand together with everyone who’s struggling with life, no matter who they are, where they’re from or what they’re going through. And we do it through our life-saving services, national campaigns, and by building communities. 


Anyone can feel suicidal. So, we need to be there for everyone. From advice on our website about issues you might be facing; through to free, confidential chats with our helpline staff, online or on the phone, we’re here for anyone who’s struggling, every single day of the year. No matter what. 
Our helpline and webchat are open 365 days a year, offering practical suggestions for all of life’s problems - whether that’s anxiety, relationship concerns, health worries, money worries or suicidal thoughts. Our staff answer a call every 66 seconds - they listen, talk and help people struggling with life to make a plan so they can begin to look to the future. 


One suicide directly affects 135 people - leaving a lasting impact on family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances. 
We share stories in the hope that it might change someone’s mind. Covering the think twice moments, the turning points and sometimes, sadly, the memories of mates and loved ones lost to suicide. 
Every story helps us highlight why we continue to Campaign Against Living Miserably. Whether you’ve been bereaved by suicide, or you’ve found yourself in a difficult space, we’re here to support. 
To find out more please visit https://www.thecalmzone.net/ 
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