Maidenhead United FC is delighted to continue working with Kensignton Mortgages and Shanly Foundation.  
On day 5 of our CALM partner focus week, today we would like to acknowledge Kensington Mortgages and Shanly Foundation. 
Sian Lancaster, Commercial Partnership Manager at Maidenhead United, spoke on both partners: 
Two existing partners, one whose business shares the same ethos as the club in primarily supporting good causes within the local area and the other who not only helps people with the nature of their business but has been a key sponsor in supporting our women’s and girls teams for many seasons 
Expanding their involvement in supporting the CALM Partnership too, allows us to make an even more positive difference to all members of our community, ensuring we are United as ONE. 
We are excited about the forthcoming months ahead as we work together with Kensington Mortgages and Shanly Foundation along with the other 8 other CALM partners to create awareness of the charity CALM within the local community in running ongoing campaigns and activities to support the prevention of suicide, particularly amongst men within our community. These activities along with our other community initiatives will ensure we continue to make a positive difference to all members of our community ensuring they feel connected to one another. No one should feel alone and we are thankful to Kensington Mortgages and Shanly Foundation for sharing the same values as us. 


CALM stands together with everyone who is struggling with life, no matter who they are, where they are from or what they are going through. They do it through their life-saving services, national campaigns, and by building communities. Anyone can feel suicidal.  
So CALM is there for everyone. From advice on their website about issues people might be facing; through to free, confidential chats with their helpline staff, online or on the phone, they are here for anyone who’s struggling, every single day of the year. No matter what. 
Their helpline and webchat are open 365 days a year, offering practical suggestions for all of life’s problems - whether that’s anxiety, relationship concerns, health worries, money worries, or suicidal thoughts. Their staff answers a call every 59 seconds - they listen, talk, and help people struggling with life to make a plan so they can begin to look to the future. 
For more information, please contact Grace at social@maidenheadunitedfc.org 
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