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Home Me Mortgages 

Gaurav Shukla, Senior Mortgage Broker and Owner at Home Me Mortgages, has supported the football club for a number of seasons.  

JJ Rhatigan 

Aoife Healy, Customer & Community Liaison at JJ Rhatigan, sat down to talk through our partnership and the impact that we have had on the local community. 

Howden Insurance 

Howden Insurance loves Maidenhead United 
"Football is about much more than kicking a ball; the social and physical benefits are significant, encouraging positive physical and mental health, teamwork skills, and lifelong friendships. We’re incredibly proud to be working together with Maidenhead United as a force for good in our community. 
Together, we are helping local families with a fun and sustainable scheme that makes sure everyone who wants to play football can get out on the pitch and be United as One! 
As a local, high-street business, at Howden Insurance we know how important it is to take care of our community, and we value our relationships with businesses and organisations in Maidenhead. 
When we approached Maidenhead United about our idea for a Boot Exchange, to recycle and reuse football boots and help children in the area keep playing the sport they love, they were all for it! 
The cost-of-living crisis has had a massive strain on everyone’s wallets, and our Boot Exchange aims to help parents and carers keep up with kids’ ever-growing feet, without breaking the bank. Maidenhead United were kind enough to donate boots from across the Youth Teams, to kickstart our scheme. 
We have now had over 40 pairs of football boots donated, given away over 20 pairs and swapped at least 10 pairs of boots. So far, that means at least 30 children can now play football where they previously may not have been able to. 
What’s more, our Boot Exchange with Maidenhead United has led to even more community-focused initiatives, including our Christmas FoodShare collection. We look forward to working with everyone at Maidenhead United on future projects for the good of our town." 
- Craig Warburton, Branch Manager at Howden Maidenhead, on behalf of the Howden Maidenhead team. 

Wilson Partners 

Allan Wilson, Founder of Wilson Partners, expressed his delight in our continued partnership.  
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